Thursday, December 29, 2005


Jay Meher Baba

In Baba's love and at His service,
“following His conditions”…

7*24 Seva (services) for all:

1. Silent zone, open for all, every day, 3-5 pm with live and recorded poetry and music. Musicians are welcomed with their instruments. Refreshments served. Bring your own poetry books, cameras, water and snacks.

2. Zone-therapy treatment, 30 years of experience, with fresh Aloe Vera plant, natural crystals and Ayurvedic oils.

3. Emotional counseling and healing : “from hatred to love”: for all ages and professions, individual sessions and group workshops, specially recommended for psychotherapists and those involved in any kinds of therapy.

4. Instructional training programs in self-development, yoga and zen. Designed for individuals and groups, according to the age.

5. Persian Language sessions, with poems of Molanas Rumi and Hafez used as text books.

6. Baby sitting for all ages, in a loving learning environment.

7. Home-made health food for bodymindsoul. Satvic (pure), highly nutritious and balanced food and drink preparations for groups and individuals, all ages and tastes.

8. Multilingual translation services.

9. Computer facilities, broadband internet connection, land and mobile phone facilities, ...

Call Mohsen 0091 93 700 59 777

home 0091-241-2548-326

All visits by appointments, PLEASE!


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